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Honda Amaze is the all-new Brio based sedan

The all-new Brio based sedan

Monday, April 1, 2013

Honda Amaze, the first ever review and test drive

At last the most awaited Honda Amaze came to live.....

  1. Company’s first compact saloon as well as first diesel car.
  2. Honda to the pinnacle of the entry-level saloon segment.
  3. All-new 1.5-litre 98.6bhp diesel motor.
  4. Honda’s first compact saloon, Amaze, claims a record fuel efficiency of 25.8 kpl.
  5. Amaze is almost specifically targeted at India.
  6. 1200cc petrol motor and less than 1500c diesel engine go towards ensuring that Honda can avail of the excise sops for small cars.
  7. Amaze does not look severely truncated or chopped from the rear.
  8. Amaze is an absolute delight in greater space inside the cabin.
  9. Easily fit four large adults inside, with enough head-, shoulder- and legroom.
  10. The front seats are similar to those on the Brio.
  11. The one piece front seats with fixed headrests.
  12. The dashboard looks similar to that of the Brio.
  13. Amaze gets longer armrests and additional door pockets for rear- seat passengers.
  14. The rear speakers have been moved to the parcel tray and the rear seat cushioning is thicker too.
  15. This top-end Amaze VX also gets electric folding mirrors, alloy wheels.
  16. A basic trip computer and a green 'ECO' light on the instrument console that lights up when you drive economically. 
  17. Car has a real boot which, at 400 litres, is pretty huge.
  18. Amaze is truly spacious and comfortable on the inside.

About driving....

  1. Power delivery and driving manners are brilliant.
  2. It’s pretty noisy and nowhere near as quiet as other cars in its class. 
  3. There’s a considerable amount of shock from under the bonnet.
  4. The all-aluminium engine, though lighter, transmits more noise than a typical cast-iron-block diesel engine. 
  5. It starts pulling well from as low as 1200 rpm and power flows in a seamless manner all the way to 4000 rpm.
  6. Amaze’s linear power delivery masks its performance because there is no sudden spike or surge of power.
  7. The wide powerband makes the Amaze really nice to drive in city traffic.
  8. Amaze petrol's super-light kerb weight of 965 kgs can make impressive 0-100kph time of 13.27 sec.
  9. Amaze good ground clearance, which is quite obvious by the empty space in the wheel wells.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Honda Amaze basic dimensions

Honda Amaze which is basically called the Brio hatchback have the following dimensions

  1. Honda Amaze Length : 3990 mm. 
  2. Honda Amaze Width : 1680 mm.
  3. Honda Amaze Height : 1500 mm.
  4. Honda Amaze Wheelbase : 2405 mm.
  5. Honda Amaze Engine size : 1.5 liters.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Honda Amaze some quick review

Honda Amaze some quick first review
1. Honda Amaze bumper insert now matches the body colour
2. Honda Amaze length under the 4 meter bracket to avail of the 12% excise taxes
3. Honda Amaze wheelbase is at 2,405 mm
4. Honda Amaze rear end gets the now ubiquitous chrome strip
5. Honda Amaze tail lamps look similar to the pre-facelift version of the Honda City
6. Honda Amaze is designed primarily for India & Thailand
7. Honda Amaze interior is very similar to that of the Brio
8. Honda Amaze tachometer that is marked till 5,000 rpm only
9. Honda Amaze has height-adjustment on the driver's seat
10. Honda Amaze steering is a standard 3 spoke design
11. Honda Amaze front seats have integrated neck restraints

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Honda Amaze Diesel Car by middle of 2013- Confirmed - Video

Honda India will make a debut in the diesel car market with the Amaze sedan, a car that will compete with models like Maruti Suzuki Dzire and Tata Indigo CS.

The Amaze, that will sport an all-aluminum 1,500cc engine, will be available in the market by the middle of next year even as a petrol version of the model has been launched in Thailand today.

To control the cost of the vehicle, Honda has decided to keep the length of the Amaze under 4 meters. This will enable the company avail lower excise duty on the model as it will be categorised as a small car which attracts a duty of 12% against the 24% mandated for bigger cars.

Powered by a new, 1.5-litre, four-cylinder i-DTEC diesel engine derived from the 1.6-litre Earth Dreams , the Amaze returns 23-25 kmpl . Prices could start from Rs 5.2 lakh for the basic petrol to Rs 7.3 lakh for the top-end diesel.

While the price of the model is not known, the company is understood to be looking at a retail price of under Rs 7 lakh.
Honda has is also expected to drive in a diesel variant of its best-seller City by the end of next year. The company will also use the new diesel engine across various models, including a 7-seater multi-utility vehicle -- on the lines of Maruti Ertiga -- and an all-new compact SUV.

Honda Amaze diesel will be powered by a 1.5-litre IDTEC diesel engine developed under Honda’s Earth Dreams technology. The same technology has been used to develop diesel engines for the Civic and CRV that were recently launched in Europe.

The Amaze has been developed on the platform of the company's mini car Brio.
The i-DTEC motor settles down to a silent idle. When walking past the car, you may not even notice that there’s a diesel under the hood. There is a faint clatter, yet it’s well within acceptable limits. On the inside, at idle, it’s nearly impossible to tell that you are in a diesel car.

Driveability is simply fantastic and the 1.5L diesel will be amazing to drive in urban traffic conditions. You’ll seldom need to downshift, unlike the several other models running 1.3L MJD engines. The Amaze has very linear power delivery with no kick from the turbo (like the old Swift). This car can comfortably potter around town in 3rd gear @ 20 kph without undue vibrations or lugging.
The company has decided to make the diesel engines and transmission in India to control costs and cut the dependence on imports as the latter can turn costly due to foreign exchange fluctuations. The engines will be manufactured at Honda's Tapukara plant and this factory will also be used to build cars at a later stage.

Here are a few highlights of the new motor:

• The engine is badged "Earth Dreams Technology". 
• Development work started in 2007. 
• Lightest diesel engine in its class. 
• Vertically mounted intercooler. 
• Features an aluminium block, high strength narrow crankshaft, lightweight pistons and high swirl + high flow rate head design. 
• Mechanical friction (@ 1,500 rpm) is similar to petrol engines (lower than other diesel engines). 
• Engine is mounted on liquid-filled mounts, instead of rubber units, to reduce vibration. 
• 1.5L diesel to be manufactured at Honda’s new engine plant at Tapukara, Rajasthan. 
• BS-4 compliant. A DPF can be added to make it BS-5 compliant in the future.
• The engine uses a new blend of oil that is neither fully synthetic nor mineral.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Honda's first diesel sedan Amaze launched

At last the most dream of Honda lovers in India are getting the first Honda's diesel version named "Amaze".The first entry for this Amaze will be for Thailand and India. This will be released early 2013. The only thing that they released is that , the Amaze will have almost the same platform as that of Brio . In India, they will have both version , petrol as well as diesel. Hondas target is for Asian market. Even though Brio was not a success in India , due to the cost as well as lack of diesel version , Honda expects Amaze to be a great success. There target to compete with the Maruthi Dzire, Toyota Etios, etc. Honda as assured that Amaze will be launched with competitive price .The car offers amazing power delivery yet with class leading fuel efficiency, while sustaining core Honda values to appeal to the growing base of middle-class customers aspiring to own a Honda Sedan.